Pay transparency in NYC & what to expect next

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People seeking jobs in NYC will soon be able to see the minimum and maximum salaries on job postings. Even though this is already drawing criticism from businesses, the new law will go into effect on May 15th whether they like it or not.

The idea behind this is to address the pay gap between men & women and to hopefully ease the labor shortage which has negatively affected the overall job market. These pay disclosure requirements are starting to be implemented in states like Rhode Island and Connecticut as well, which hints at future states also adopting this law.

What to expect next

As employees continue to push for fair pay and reasonable time off, the job market will shift to a more “fair value distribution”. As employees continue to push for better pay, it’s only expected that employers will soon only want to pay for the amount of work that is actually being completed.

For employers, this is the only way to make sure their cost of hiring individuals is worth it.

To show how Subreddits like /Antiwork are quickly rising in popularity as employees continue to share the unfair workplaces they are currently in. Some have joked that getting just 2 upvotes on their post, will push them to put in their two-week notice with proof to the rest community. While this is building a cult-like following, some stories justify why some are putting their foot down and calling it quits.

In one post, a Reddit user wrote…

“I made my boss over $1.5 million in commission over two years, while I made $45k/year. For Christmas, he got me a $25 gift card to a movie theater chain that I would have to drive to another state to even use. When I put in my two-week notice, he called legal on me while I sat in his office.”

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