How to send large files easily with a few clicks

Need to send some large files? Email giving you a problem? Here are simple ways to EASILY send your large files…

Google Drive – easy story and access your

With google drive, you’re only limited to how much space is available in your drive. It’s as easy as having a GMAIL account or by simply creating your account for free.

Once you upload your content to your google drive. It’s as easy as right-clicking on your file and clicking “share”.

The next screen you’ll see will ask how you would like to share your content. This is where you’ll input your recipient’s email addresses and send your file right to them.

That’s it, you’re done!

Pro tip:

If you want to share your file via a link, then simply click the option of “Change to anyone with a link” and copy your link. Then paste it anywhere you want and have your website visitors or email recipients access to it directly.

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